DICE Institutional-level Innovation Platform (IIP)


DICE Foundation all Pakistan Innovation platforms which have been going on since 2007 have proven to be an excellent tool to create innovation culture at national level. In eight mega all Pakistan annual innovation events, institutions from all over Pakistan participate with their best of the best innovations and also have an opportunity to pitch their innovations in front of industry and businessmen to raise necessary funds to convert their innovation ideas into real commercial products.

Though each of these all Pakistan events has huge overall participation from all over Pakistan but from a participating institution perspective, only few handful of teams are able to participate from any given institution and hundreds of students are still unable to directly benefit from these large national innovation events. In order address this major issue and to create a strong culture of innovation within an institution involving whole population of student community, DICE Foundation started to launch DICE Institution-Level Innovation Platforms (DICE-IIPs) in 2014, with a goal to ultimately cover all 180+ Higher education institutions, polytechnics and vocational training centers, etc. in Pakistan.

DICE Institution-Level Innovation Platform (DICE-IIP) and DICE Virtual Innovation Competition (DICE VIC)

DICE IIP is a very powerful platform to create culture of innovation throughout an institution. It is typically jointly led by a student society team and faculty in-charge, using the framework and guidance provided by DICE Foundation, USA. As part of DICE IIP, each institution is required to conduct one DICE VIC innovation event every year for which prize money is sponsored by DICE Foundation. In order involve students from throughout the institution, student teams run marketing campaign and approach students from each department to participate in DICE VIC event. They also approach industry to attend and participate in the final event as well as to support judging process. This enables the institution to establish strong linkage with local industry which can provide seed funds to develop those innovations along with providing internships and other necessary support to students throughout the year. In each DICE VIC hundreds of student teams from all major departments submit their innovations on DICE Innovation Portal. All these submitted innovations then go through a rigorous judging process by experts from academia and industry, to select top innovations which can then be taken to next step to get developed into commercial ready indigenous products, with support from industry/businessmen and DICE Foundation.

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