DICE Foundation is a US based non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in Michigan USA. The organization is run by expatriate volunteers from US, UK, Canada and by thought leaders within Pakistan, who are fully committed to bringing prosperity to their motherland through innovation, entrepreneurship and local product development. DICE, a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation is an umbrella program, and there are several major platforms currently active under this program. The main objective of each of these platforms is to jump start cycle of innovation in the country necessary for its sustainable development, progress and economic prosperity.

DICE Foundation is pursuing its mission with support from its strategic partners such as Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Council for Science & Technology (PCST), British Council, major Higher Education Institutions such as NUST, NEDUET, CIIT, DUHS, UAF, NTU, RIU, and many industries in automotive, energy, health, textile, IT sectors and industry associations such as PAAPAM.

DICE has been mobilizing academia, industry and Government institutions across Pakistan since 2007, through its DICE mega innovation platform which conducts largest innovation event of the country every year. The idea is to all stakeholders to come to a common platform to showcase innovations and technologies, share knowledge and further collaborate with each other for the rapid development of innovative products, necessary for the socio-economic development of the country.

Starting in 2014, DICE launched several focused innovation platforms in various key sectors of the economy such as automotive, energy & water, health, textile, information & enabling technology, agriculture & food sciences and creative art & media. Through these focused platforms DICE is promoting innovations and local product development, collaboration among stakeholders, capacity building through expatriate mobilization, commercialization of innovations, providing access to Pakistani business to international markets through extensive expatriate network and support Government of Pakistan in policy making.

In addition, DICE has launched several innovation centers throughout the country which are actively pursuing strategic projects such as design and development of an indigenous car, medical devices, innovative textile products, and low cost renewable energy.

DICE Foundation will continue to work hard to promote development of local innovative products to reduce imports, increase exports of local products creating a sustained job market for youth in Pakistan.