DICE Textile Platform

Ms Madiha Jabbar First Crestex Innovation Prize winnner

Dr. Munir Ashraf First Prize winnner

Mr. Humayon Javed Khan recieving the main sponsor’s shield on behalf of Interloop Ltd

Award of shield to Dr. Khursheed Qureshi Chairperson Dice Foundation USA

Token of thanks to Mr. Farhan Latif Convener of Jury for selection of prize winners.

Inauguration of NTU-Dice Textile Innovation Center by President FCCI Ch. Muhammad Nawaz

Meeting with delegation of Sialkot Chamber for establishment of NTU campus in Sialkot

Panel discussion on SWOT analysis of Textile Industry

Dr. Zeeshan Khatri from Mehran University briefing the guests

VIP’s visit to NTU stalls

VIP’s visit to NTU stalls

Inauguration of DICE Textile by Ms Rubina Wasti (Sr Joint secretary Mintex), Mian Muhammad Latif (CEO Mintex) and Dr. Arshad Ali (Executive Director HEC)

2nd All Pakistan DICE Textile Innovation Event 2018 at NTU

More information about the event: http://ntu.edu.pk/dicetextile/

Dr Khurshid Qureshi, Chairman DICE Foundation USA visit to UAF

Source: http://uaf.edu.pk/directorates/research/files/ORIC_News_25.pdf

1st All Pakistan DICE Textile Innovation Event 2016 at NTU

LL PAKISTAN DICE TEXTILE INNOVATION EVENT 2016 AT NATIONAL TEXTILE UNIVERISTY FAISALABAD DICE Textile, in collaboration with National Textile University, Faisalabad, hosted an All Pakistan DICE-Textile Event on March 21, 2016 at NTU. Students as well as...

Vision and Mission

VISION: “Empowering our nation to address its Textile problems through innovative solutions”

MISSION: “To encourage and promote Textile related innovations throughout the country and transform them into commercial products and services; and to serve as R&D wing for industry to help solve their Textile related problems”.

Core Team

Pakistan: Dr. Tanveer Hussain (Patron), Dr. Yasir Nawab (Chairperson), Mr. Ahmad Shafi, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Dr. Abher Rasheed, Dr. Salma Farooq, Dr. Mazhar Hussain, Dr. Syed Zaheer ul Hassan, Mr. Muzammal Hussain

USA: Dr. Khurshid Qureshi (Co-Patron), Mr. Salman Ahmad, Ms. Erum Rehman

Key Initiatives

  • To establish a strong linkage between Academia and Textile industry
  • Annual Textile Innovation Event
  • Commercialization through DICE Shark
  • Capacity building through experts working in Textile industry
  • Engage Government officials and Textile professionals as a think tank to aid Government in Textile policy making

Annual Innovation Event

Purpose of this event is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a forum for students to showcase innovative ideas and products to textile industry. This event also brings leaders from academia, industry, expatriate community and government together to discuss challenges, opportunity and actionable plans for both short term and long term growth of textile industry in Pakistan


DICE Textile Innovation Center is a collaborative initiative of NTU and DICE Foundation tried to build a gap between textile industry and academia. Through this linkage, it provided an opportunity to university students to work on innovative projects and commercialize them with the support of the industry. For this purpose, total 7 projects were approved in DICE Shark 2017 funded by the industry with the worth of Pak Rs. 3.087 million.

Strategic Partners