Group MD & CEO – Martin Dow Group

Pakistan has always been a land of hidden talent. Whether it’s a global technology company Microsoft or leader of entertainment Hollywood or in the eld of sports or a Nobel prize, our youths have made us proud on a global stage. Such untapped talent is just a tip of the iceberg of our nation’s talent.
Today Martin Dow Group is proud to be the title sponsor of the 5th All Pakistan DUHS-DICE, Health Innovation Exhibition 2019 and congratulates DICE foundation for successfully providing platform for our youth to showcase their hidden talent and encourage entrepreneurship across Pakistan.
We feel honored and privileged to support such innovation-oriented platform that welcomes and encourages the youth to showcase their innovative skills. The initiative taken by DICE to honor innovation and entrepreneurship is a step towards taking Pakistan to greater heights. The road to success might be dicult but virtually nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it with a positive atitude.
Martin Dow Group believes that platforms like DICE are needed to bring growth, prosperity, employment and commercialization to Pakistan. DICE Health Innovation Center
provides a very special opportunity to the individuals to transform their innovative
concepts into market realities. The exposure to such innovations will help the healthcare industry to grow by identifying aordable and more convenient solutions for the patients.
The innovative projects bring forth the potentials of the individual and will give them access to international platforms.
The relationship of Martin Dow Group and DUHS has been remarkable. In 2018, Martin Dow recognized the highest achievers at the 9th Convocation of DUHS by awarding them
M. Jawed Akhai shields and the Martin Dow gold medals. Martin Dow has also been providing scholarships to pharmacy students and has encouraged, motivated and empowered the
youth. Our partnership with DUHS will further grow and prosper.
Martin Dow Group will continue to support initiatives that would bring prosperity and empowerment to Pakistan and especially our youth. Our quest for “Creating Distinction for Life” will go beyond limits until we have achieved our nations actualization.

CEO – Thal Engineering (a division of Thal Ltd.) and Thal Boshoku Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

Association with DICE Foundation is a very dierent and pleasant experience. DICE diversified team has established to be benecial not only to the existing business community, but the positive energy this team is injecting in young blood, is highly appreciable. THAL Team is overwhelmed to turn part of DICE, and we always feel proud to jointly work with DICE irrespective of our business trade and geographical limits. We believe DICE’s vision is precisely what our beloved country needs at the moment in order to thrive. With this enthusiasm, DICE members for sure aid the economy and boost entrepreneurship in Pakistan through its various international linkages, especially by targeting the country’s youth and helping them mold their fresh ideas into reality

Vice Chancellor – Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture Multan

I take pride for being part of DICE team for instituting yet another brand of DICE entrepreneurship drive in Agriculture and Food Science in 2015, as Director ORIC, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Soon after, I joined as Vice Chancellor of MNS University of Agriculture, Multan, in its formative years but remained associated with DICE.
Learning through experiences with DICE I have been able to setup academia-industrygovernment collaborations to foster entrepreneurial ecosystem, where business plan, ideas
and innovation competitions are part of every degree program. I would like to acknowledge the consistent support of DICE leadership and team for working year-round in various
knowledge and innovation domains all over Pakistan for building business leadership in Pakistan.


Having seen the performance of DICE Foundation, an American NGO run by expatriates and assisted by iconic people in Pakistan to help the youth here in various fields in educational institutions, I am honored to be part of this foundation in encouraging young people for a better tomorrow. Youth is the future of our nation, I truly appreciate DICE efforts in supporting youth in all fields including technology, automation, agriculture, textile and in media now. I command the leadership of DICE for relentlessly helping our future generation of Pakistan and I wish them all the best.

Vice Chancellor – Sukkur IBA University

Entrepreneurship and innovation are key for economic development of any country. In this regard, DICE’s endeavour for fostering culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Pakistan is highly appreciable. We became part of the team to strengthen and support efforts of DICE in 2015, and organized number of events under DICE platform. Specically, DICE 2018 Mega Innovation and Entrepreneurship Event at Sukkur gave an opportunity to the rural entrepreneurs of the region to showcase and present innovations for networking, marketing, and funding along with national entrepreneurs. I extend full support and best wishes for success of DICE Foundation to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

Head of Business Development & Product Stewardship – Archroma Pakistan Limited

DICE is an enabler!!
It has bridged the decades old gap between the academia and industry. This unique partnership links knowledge & originality with strength & experience of industry. DICE instils creativity amongst students and faculty for enhancement of innovation culture. Innovative solutions brought through the platform of DICE are now presenting gainful results. Many pioneering ideas have already been converted to rewarding projects thus bringing benefits for all stakeholders. Sustainability factor within the industry will progress as well. We are proud of our association with DICE!

Executive Director, HEC – Islamabad

I am extremely impressed with the quality and professionalism which DICE  platform has brought in to the entrepreneurial eco system of Pakistan. Every
year it raises the bar not only in quality of innovations but also in enhancing the interest of Pakistani industry and the linkages with international community.
Hats off to Dr Khurshid Qureshi and his team for dedicating their time, efforts and resources for the development of Pakistan. HEC will continue to support
this effort in any form possible.

Mujeeb Ullah Khan
CEO iTextile Ltd. Karachi

Being part of DICE foundation has been a great experience, I am really impressed by their sincerity and dedication in developing culture of
“ innovation and entrepreneurship” in Pakistan. With DICE & NTU I really feel at home as we share a common goal and value system, wish them success in future and Insha’Allah a more prosperous and innovative Pakistan.

Prof. Saeed Quraishy
Vice Chancellor, DUHS – Karachi 

DICE has been associated with the DOW University of Health Sciences since the last many years. It has acted as a strong bridge in bringing around innovation
and entrepreneurship to health related education of Pakistan. The annual event has seen an increase in the linkage between the Dow University and industry in
Pakistan. We are now looking at a platform which has matured and has become the main meeting for health innovation in Pakistan. 

Faisal Niaz Tirmizi 
Consul General of Pakistan, Chicago 

DICE is an exemplary innovation of expatriate Pakistanis endeavoring to serve their country of origin…DICE, in collaboration, with Higher Education Commission, is playing a critical role in promoting innovation process at university and more recently at high school level.

Dr. Tanveer Hussain 
Rector NTU – Faisalabad 

DICE is a magnificent platform for pitching novel ideas, showcasing research, driving innovation, propelling commercialization and impelling entrepreneurship for sustainable growth of our industry. Bringing academia, industry, government and expatriates together, the DICE platform has undoubtedly created a positive impact on our industry and seeds of the quartet collaboration have already started bearing fruits for our national economy.
DICE is truly one of those rarest beacons of hope, boom and prosperity, which have been long-awaited and well-deserved by our nation.

Shabbir Chawla
President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry 

It is appreciable to note that DICE has played a greater role in Pakistan for promoting innovation and has a very positive impact on the research culture.
This has also strengthened the Academia-Industry Linkage for business development in particular reference to promoting innovations related to textile
sector that will provide spontaneous access to Pakistan Textile Industry into the international markets.

Shahzad Ahmed Sheikh 
Director Arshad Group – Faisalabad 

DICE Foundation, USA is an excellent initiative, providing a platform for innovators and inventors to foster their ideas, transforming its theoretical nature into something concrete and sustainable, broadening the horizon of students, gearing them for the dynamic world.

Dr. Qaisar Abbas
Director CIIT – Lahore 

Innovation in knowledge, technology and businesses is a key to advancement and prosperity. Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) has been a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation, USA aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurial culture at worldwide horizon. COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan feels pride in being a long standing partner of DICE. DICE is indeed an effective platform for innovating researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs.CUI commits to stay abreast with and support DICE in all its objectives and future endeavors for paving advancement in the fields of science, technology and businesses in Pakistan.

Resham Shahzad
Director R&D Arshad Group – Faisalabad 

Continuous innovation is necessary in this dynamic world. New ideas generated need a platform to nurture and develop. DICE Foundation provides that opportunity, helping the society to grow and prosper.