DICE Mega Event 2016

DICE Automotive 2016 at NED

DICE Sharks 2016

DICE Automotive PAAPAM Event

DICE VIC 2017 Event at NED

DICE Textile at NTU


Inauguration of Dice Textiles by Ms Rubina Wasti (Sr Joint secretary Mintex), Mian Muhammad Latif (CEO Mintex) and Dr. Arshad Ali (Executive Director HEC)

DICE Textile Innovation Center

Inauguration of NTU-DICE Textile Innovation Center by President FCCI Ch. Muhammad Nawaz

DICE Textile

Panel discussion on SWOT analysis of Textile Industry

DICE Mega Event 2016 at NUST

DICE Mega Event 2016

DICE Vision

  • Foster Innovation culture in the country. Make it a part nation’s DNA.
  • Rapid socio-economic development through Innovation. Use Innovation as a tool to generate wealth for the nation.
  • Fully commoditize digital technologies – Bring it to masses in the country. Digital Revolution at all levels.

DICE - Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship

Innovation is lifeblood of any nation and economy and is a key ingredient behind its sustainable progress and prosperity. DICE is a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation, USA aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the country at all levels. DICE is an umbrella program, and there are several major platforms currently active under this program. The main objective of each of these platforms is to jump start cycle of innovation in the country necessary for its sustainable development, progress and economic prosperity. DICE is the oldest innovation platform in Pakistan and is being fully supported by all major stakeholders – academia, industry, government, expatriates and international NGOs, since 2007

DICE Annual Fundraising Event in Michigan 2017

  Event Photo Album DICE Brochure 2017 Event...

Message from the Chairman & Founder, Dr Khurshid Qureshi

Welcome to DICE Foundation! Before I proceed, I would like to make a request to you – Please close your eyes and repeat the following sentence “I want to see Pakistan as one of the most socially, technologically and economically advanced and prosperous...

DICE Foundation Annual Fundraising and Banquet on Oct 28, 2017 in Michigan

DICE Virtual Innovation Competition 2017 at NED

NED Entrepreneurship Society organized the 4th installment of the biggest innovation slam of NEDUET this July, DICE Virtual Innovation Competition 2017. With the motto of enriching the embedded culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the student...

2nd All Pakistan DICE Textile Innovation Event 2017 at NTU

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