Greetings! I would like to begin by thanking all DICE team members, faculty, students, young innovators, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and supporters for another exciting and energizing year. Every passing year further strengthens my belief that Pakistan has great potential and has a lot to offer to the global community. It is up to us, each of us, to do our part and help Pakistan achieve its full potential.

Many non-profit organizations continue to do remarkable work in Pakistan on providing food & shelter, clean water, healthcare, and education to support those who are struggling to survive. We must, however, think beyond survival. We must think about ways to help Pakistan generate wealth to lift its masses out of poverty and get on a path to sustained prosperity and self-reliance.

With over 60% of Pakistan’s population below the age of 30, we have a tremendous opportunity to inspire, energize, and equip this generation with the right skills and tools so that it can transform Pakistan.

At DICE Foundation, we continue to believe that focusing on Pakistan’s youth (university and high school level) and creating a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and indigenous product development is the best way to help prepare Pakistan for growth and prosperity.

To continue to create and promote culture of innovation, DICE Foundation conducted 9 innovation events in 2017 across Pakistan engaging thousands of students, faculty, industry leaders, government officials, and expatriates. In addition, we expanded DICE Institute-Level Innovation Platforms (Student chapters) at local universities with the goal of adding 15-20 new chapters every year until we reach all 185+ universities in Pakistan.

With additional initiatives starting to show results, as described further in this brochure, and participation levels in innovation events growing every year, we believe that we are starting to build good momentum.

To continue to build on this momentum, we need your support. Whether you are a professional working in Pakistan or an expatriate, we encourage you to think about ways you can contribute to this effort, both financially and by volunteering your time. We view our contributions to this cause as our duty and an opportunity to give back to the country that gave us so much.

While there are many challenges and at times economic prosperity in Pakistan may seem too far-fetched or impossible, we must do our part and help create the future we want for Pakistan. Nothing is impossible. As the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, put it:

“……Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing”

Once again, thanks to all of you who are already part of this journey with us. I ask others to join us in this effort. I believe that working together we can, and we must, help Pakistan achieve its full potential.

May God bless us all.

Saad Ellahie

President, DICE Foundation, Chair, DICE Automotive US