Inspire a Generation. Transform a Nation!

Help DICE give the tools of innovation and education to students across Pakistan so they can transform the nation.

Help DICE raise $30,000 for eight Mega Innovation events throughout Pakistan this year. Help us empower the youth with the knowledge and skills needed to become World leaders. All contributions are tax-deductable. With your help we will continue to provide the tools that will help Pakistan become an advanced and prosperous nation. 



For any advanced nation, the key to success is the right combination of talent, education and a mindset of innovation and creativity that revolutionizes the whole world.

Innovation has been a key ingredient behind success of all developed nations. Through innovation, countries have brought sustained prosperity to their people.

Pakistan has brilliant minds – what is missing is a conducive environment – culture of innovation and indigenous products is lacking.

We at DICE truly believe that given the right environment, there is no reason why Pakistan can not become an advanced and prosperous nation in the world in our lifetime! With all its challenges and roadblocks, there is no better time to invest in the future of a thriving and prosperous Pakistan than now.

By creating a culture of innovation in Pakistan, DICE is trying to bring change to the national mindset so that next Google, autonomous cars, state of art medical devices, textile and agriculture products can come from Pakistan.

DICE has been pursuing this mission with the support of its key partners in academia, industry and government institutions. For helping the different areas, DICE has created focused innovation platforms like Automotive, Textile, Health, IT, Energy & Water, Agriculture and Creative Art & Media.

Several mega innovation events takes place each year in Pakistan, highlighting new innovations and technologies, sharing the knowledge and collaborating to create new products that are a key to development of the country. DICE Foundation has mobilized young innovators and entrepreneurs all over Pakistan who come together to showcase their ideas and products to industry and to potential investors to get funding. Many projects have been funded on the spot and are now going through development process through DICE Sharks initiative.


Being a non-profit 501 c (3) organization, DICE Foundation has been funded from personal savings over the last 11 years. Additional funds are needed to support substantial growth in DICE activities across various sectors in Pakistan.

We are running this campaign to gain support of people like you who feel that there is untapped talent in Pakistan that could be self-sufficient and thriving if given a little help. Specific need for funds generated from this campaign is for events that will be taking place in Pakistan in October 2018. For the tasks that are at hand, the goal for this campaign is to raise atleast $30,000.

Please join us if you have the desire to see the change Pakistan needs so much.  Your donation will be helping Pakistan’s young minds and in turn, move the needle towards sustained prosperity for a progressive Pakistan.

With our 100% donation policy, every dollar of your donation will be used for the benefit of raising the prize money for unique and innovative projects across DICE Mega Event and focus areas. Every donation you make will have a ripple effect far beyond the individual program and participation by bringing the youth of Pakistan to help gain the resources and the confidence to move ahead with their head held up high.

Any donation, however large or small, will take us closer to a better future for Pakistan. We also ask of you to help make this appeal go viral, be it social media, internet blogs, printed publications or just word of mouth.  Click on the link below to share by using the hashtag #IAMDICE and


Over the course of last 11 years, DICE Foundation has conducted numerous events with participants from all over the world. Thousands of students from universities all over Pakistan have come to a common platform to showcase innovation and technologies, share knowledge and further collaborate for rapid development of innovative products, necessary for the socio-economic development of the country.

An overview of the activities that DICE Foundation has promoted and conducted to mobilize academia, industry and Government institutions is as follows:

1.  Creating culture of Innovation in Pakistan:

40+ Innovation Events conducted at 27 different locations all over Pakistan

 30,000+ Participation from Students, Faculty, and Industry in Innovation Events all over Pakistan

3000+ Student Projects submitted for Innovation Competitions

$90,000+ given in Prize Money to winners of Innovation Competitions


2.  Promoting Indigenous Product Development in Pakistan:

30+ Student Projects funded by Industry for further development towards       commercialization as part of “DICE Sharks” initiative

 $100,000+ Funding from industry for DICE Sharks projects

In order to continue this journey of making Pakistan a socially, economically and technologically prosperous nation in the world, we need your help.


To highlight a few innovative projects that Dice Foundation has helped students achieve and fund…

Non-invasive (no -poke)  glucose test that checks the blood sugar level.

Washable undershirts that measures vital signs. Eg: ECG

Honey Ointment to treat burns

Indigenous low-cost defibrillator

This campaign is about a culture, a community, an identity and the future of Pakistan.  If you believe in our cause, please show us your support.


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The Supporter

Thank You for your donation. Every bit counts. We will send you a thank you email for your kind support. May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Patron

Your generous contribution will help one student participate in the Mega Innovation event .We will also send you a thank you email for your kind support. May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Star

Your generous contribution will help two students participate in the Mega Innovation Event.Thank you for helping us make it possible to continue fostering innovation in Pakistan . May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Champion

Your generous support will help one team with innovative idea/project be a part of the Mega Innovation event.Thank You for being a change for the betterment of Pakistan.May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Guardian

Your generous support will help two teams with innovative ideas/projects participate in the Mega Innovation event.Thank you for helping us move the needle towards a prosperous Pakistan. May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Vanguard

For your generous donation, you have the option to pick a Student chapter out of the 185 universities in Pakistan.You are truly creating a culture of innovation by helping thousands of students in the university of your choice. May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Benefactor

Your donation is going to help partially fund one innovation to become an indigenous commercial-ready product. We will send you the updates of your partially funded ingenious innovation. Thank you for helping the youth of Pakistan rise into the new era of self-dependence. May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Visionary

Your generous contribution will help fund and convert one commercial- ready concept into a ready local product into a complete innovative product. Your help will allow us to help empower Pakistan and address its many challenges through innovation. May we ask your help to encourage at least 5 others to match your contribution?

The Legacy

We are very pleased to invite you to become one of the founding members of the DICE team. You are helping make a culture transformation and lead the country towards a developed and advanced nation. As a founding member, you will be a part of the select group of people who are fully committed to bringing sustained prosperity to Pakistan through innovation.